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The Abolition of Man: A Series for Serious Discussion

For some time now I have been wanting to do a series of blog posts on C. S. Lewis’ great work, The Abolition of Man.  which describes how society will get to the point where it actually rejects its own humanity and be convinced that somehow it has “freed” itself.  Thus Lewis’ title “The Abolition of Man”.  It’s a very startling thought.  It’s one thing to say that society is getting more shallow by the day.  It’s quite another to propose that there is a path that we are on that  is leading to a rejection of our very nature.

That said, today another online conversation sparked why I feel the time is right to really get into a discussion about what is turning out to be a rather accurate picture of what is altering our perception of what is moral and how we got there and its connection to our eventual rejection of our own humanity.

There have been a lot of conversations, emails, and articles on the Internet that have reminded me of  my desire to do this over the past year, but one thing after another seemed to push it on to the back burner, nagging away at me.  Then Mashable put out an article Top 3 Mistakes Job Seekers Make on Facebook Timeline a day ago that a friend on Facebook had posted to  her feed.  I gave it a quick look see and again was reminded of Lewis and his warning of what a rising part of society which he called simply “the conditioners” would have the power to do about our perception of morality and of life.  It got even more interesting when I read the comments on my friend’s feed, especially this one:

Yes, it did seem so when they were telling you just exactly what and what you should not post to Facebook or you wouldn’t get a job.  Not that they were all that concerned with the inner you, just the conformed you.  Jon’s comment about the “They” prompted this response from me about the purpose of the subtlety – to get about a way to undermine what Lewis calls “the Tao” or natural law that is common to all human beings. :

A couple of other articles appearing in the New York Times today also touched upon this very large subject, this hip-wader -connect-the-dots piece of Lewis and they are Moral Hazard: A Tempest-Tossed Idea and ‘Salesman’ Comes Calling, Right on Time.  In deed, once you “get” Lewis’ Abolition of Man, a number of articles will be called to mind, and as G.K. Chesterton describes the “get it” process – hopefully – as we go through each section of Lewis’ work, you’ll “hear bolt after bolt over all the machinery falling into its place with a kind of click of relief…till the whole country [of understanding] will turn solidly” behind you.  At least, that’s my hope.

My next post will begin with the first chapter: Men Without Chests.


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This entry was posted on February 26, 2012 by in Discussion Series.

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