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Holiness: Participating in the life of Christ, Not As Ideal But With Him Living on the Inside

‎”Holiness, my beloved, is not moral improvement. It is ontological and psychological transformation in the Holy Spirit. It comes with complete identification with Christ. Holiness does not merely mean we live differently. It means that we have a different principled life. It is not at root a lifestyle; it is a life. It is a participation in the life of Jesus. Jesus does not represent a moral “ideal”. One of the worst ideas to come down the pike in my lifetime is the idea that it will make a difference if you ask: “What would Jesus do?” It puts Him out there as an “ideal” that we are “copying“. Doesn’t work. Jesus must be the interior principle by which we live, not simply the ideal according to which we live. It’s the experience of which St. Paul calls “Being in Christ“. There is a tremendous, tremendous impulse – I’ve become aware of it only through middle-age – to objectify Jesus, instead of coming to Jesus as an interior subject, somebody we know *inside* us, as a new principle of our life.  Someone whose mind and life are identified with Christ, living in Him, does not ask himself hypothetical questions: ‘What would Jesus do?’ Jesus is a principle of identity. “It is not I that lives”, says St. Paul, “It is Christ who lives in me.”This is a new mode of existence.” – Fr. Patrick Reardon on participating in Christ’s life.

Holiness and History (Hebrews 11:33-12:2) (podcast)


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