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The Christmas Star: A Sweet Monument In the Night To Follow

A body may train, but a soul fasts. The time of abstinence from slack or food takes us on a journey where time takes on a paradox. Everything seems like Dali’s Still Life, Fast Moving. (Nature Morte Vivante) . You may have a ton of things to do but the brain is slack-jawed. It won’t get up and move. I think it must have been like this, this mood, amongst those on the way to Jerusalem on that night long ago. The perfect moment for Eternity to step into Time. A slack-jawed brain time. It wasn’t thinking about a million miles a minute, it was too numb from the journey and all the travails along the way. It was forced to rest and whatever place of rest, the more the mess, would do. It had discovered that things could, and would wait and all would turn out all right in the end. It was primed to see a miracle. And so a bright star would not be a momentary distraction but a sweet monument of peace in the night to follow without concern for anything else. I’m ready. Are you? Let’s drop our burdens and go there together!

Merry Christmas to you and yours! Till next time.

God bless you.  M. S. Reed, 2009, Dilseacht, le gra go deo | Share on FriendFeed


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